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Translational Medicine

This highly interdisciplinary study is at the interface of engineering biological sciences and medicine. The area will integrate faculty expertise from Bioengineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Computational Medicine, and the David Geffen School of Medicine and Dentistry. In addition, the program is expected to draw broad support from extensive industry partners — including leading pharmaceutical companies and biomedical device companies — for guest lectures and capstone projects.

The curriculum will focus on improving human health and longevity by translating discoveries in biomedical sciences into disease therapies. Translational medicine facilitates the development of diagnostic tools and therapeutics, and the application of systems biology and data sciences to biomedical problems.

There are more than 20 technical elective courses available in this area of study covering state-of-art technologies in drug delivery, tissue engineering, synthetic biology, biomedical devices, biomedical imaging and computational medicine.

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“UCLA has both the top engineering and medical schools, which makes it a perfect place to teach our students on how to apply technology and engineering principles to solve problems in medicine.”

Area Director: Prof. Song Li


Sample Curriculum

Fall Winter Spring Summer
Signal and Image Processing for Biomedicine


(Instructor: Prof. D. Ruan)

Tissue Engineering


(Instructor: Prof. A. Kasko)

Wearable Bioelectronics


(Instructor: Prof. J. Chen

Capstone Project
Machine Learning and Data-Driven Modeling in Bioengineering


(Instructor: Prof. A. Meyer)

Molecular Biotechnology for Engineers


(Instructor: Prof. I. Chen)

Engineering Professional Development Elective Engineering Professional Development Elective
Engineering Professional Development Elective      
12 Units 8 Units 8 Units 8 Units