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Masters of Engineering Track on Integrated Circuit (IC) Design

Integrated circuits continue to play a central part in the evolution of the modern world. The growing desire to embed artificial intelligence in almost everything, the push for ever higher communication data rates and the emergence of exciting new applications — in health, defense, transportation, quantum computing and more — have only renewed the demand for integrated circuits of versatile functionalities and excellent performance.

The Master of Engineering in IC Design program at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering will equip students with the fundamental knowledge and the skills required to effectively address challenges such as novel devices, device variability, stringent performance requirements, integrated circuit complexity and mixed-signal solutions. The curriculum combines classical analog/RF and digital integrated circuit design with courses that emphasize modern mixed-signal techniques. Students are encouraged to specialize in digital IC design or analog/ mixed-signal/RF IC design but can customize their program.


“This course addresses the growing demand for high-performance circuits in AI, communication and emerging technologies. Moreover, it equips students with the skills to tackle the challenges posed by new devices and complex circuitry.”

Area Director: Prof. C.K. KenYang

Sample Curriculum

Fall Winter Spring Summer
ECE 215A Analog Integrated Circuit Design (Instructor: Prof. Abidi or Prof. Darabi) ECE 215C Analysis and Design of RF Circuits and Systems (Instructor: Prof. Razavi) ECE 215D Analog Microsystem Design (Instructor: Prof. Abidi) Capstone Project Instructor: Various
ECE 216A Design of VLSI Circuits and Systems (Instructor: Prof. Markovic) ECE 215B Advanced Digital Integrated Circuit Design (Instructor: Prof. Yang) ECE 215E Signaling and Synchronization (Instructor: Prof. Pamarti) Engineering Professional Development Elective
Engineering Professional Development Elective ECE 201A VLSI Design Automation (Instructor: Prof. Gupta) ECE 216B VLSI Signal Processing (Instructor: Prof. Markovic)
Engineering Professional Development Elective
12 units 8 units 8 units 8 units